Our pro-Earth, cruelty-free policy

Or flock is raised on 50 acres of rotational grazing pasture. After enjoying 12-14 hours a day of sunshine while they forage, they go to rest at night in one of our mobile coops on wheels made from an upcycled double wide trailer that we move to different locations throughout the farm about twice a month for new insects, seeds, and foliage for the chickens to munch on. Once the mobile coops are moved, we apply a cover crop to restore the soil with help from the newfound nutrients left behind from the chicken manure. The mobile coops are equipped with fully automatic chicken doors with sensors to detect when the sun rises and sets to protect the chickens from outside predators, powered exclusively by both wind and solar energy. Cameras are installed inside and outside of the coops to monitor the safety and behaviors of our hens. Once the hens have matured past their prime egg laying years, they are left to enjoy the sunlight instead of culled unlike most poultry farms solely optimizing for profit.


What do the hens eat?

From date of hatch to 8 weeks, our chicks are fed certified organic non-corn/non-soy chick starter. Their water is supplemented with ultra-buffered electrolytes to help develop gut health and absorption of vital nutrients. From 8-16 weeks, we transfer them to a certified organic non-soy finisher pellet while they gear up for their laying years. 


At 16 weeks, they are moved to the mobile coops to forage on natural insects, seeds, and foliage. In addition to their foraging diet the hens are supplemented with a certified organic non-corn/non-soy protein layer blend to promote egg production. A supply of oyster shells is available to the hens to increase calcium intake, resulting in a stronger, more robust eggshell. 

The hens also receive supplemental nutrients from two daily servings of raw goat milk fresh from our herd. Our goats forage on over 70 acres of natural foliage such as native plants that the chickens don't have access to, converting it into a sustainable source of nutrients that contributes to egg quality, all while supporting a bio-diverse regenerative system.


What makes us different?

Our business model is unique, as most poultry farms purchase a limited variety of breeds chosen solely for egg production qualities to optimize profit margins based on limited space and feed costs. At Twisted Fields, we hatch our own chicks from specialty breeds to specifically target unique egg color and good foraging genetics. Most of our layers aren't as prolific as a standard white or brown laying hen, but that doesn't matter to us because we have the land and sustainable feed sources to counterbalance the cost. Not only are the yolks larger, richer, and healthier than standard commercial eggs, but our eggshells are unique and vibrant in color. We like to refer to them as "rainbow eggs" because of the broad spectrum of colors our flock produces!

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