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We are seeking an experienced roboticist to help address critical food problems in the agricultural industry by developing innovative technology to better our planet. This person will work on projects related to sustainable farming automation, as well as help prepare grant proposals.

The ideal candidate has a positive attitude, excellent communication skills, enjoys learning and receiving feedback, is comfortable working independently, and is willing to try (and sometimes fail) new methods untraditional to the mainstream farming industry.

Preferred Experience:

  • A BS in computer science or a related major; at least 2 years industry experience, OR at least 4 years industry experience without a degree. 

  • Thorough understanding of software design principles: OOP Principles: Encapsulation, Polymorphism, Inheritance, Abstraction, etc. 

  • Software Design: Algorithms, Data Structures, IoC, DRY, etc. 

  • Significant experience with at least one core OO language: C++, Java, Python, or JavaScript. 

  • Significant experience with all core areas of a modern web stack (HTML/CSS, JavaScript, HTTP/websockets, webservices, databases, automated testing tools) 

  • Experience working in a Linux environment. 

  • Experience with any of the follwing a plus: AWS, Tableau, Robotic or IoT platforms, Tomcat, Maven, Spring, Postgres, Hibernate, JAX-RS, RabbitMQ, Backbone 

  • Web development for mobile devices 

  • Systems integrations 

  • Knowledge of or desire to learn sustainable farming practices

  • Technical writing

$60,000 - $150,000 annual salary, with opportunity for re-negotiation based on successful grant applications. This is a full-time position; applicants must be comfortable commuting to our location at least 1 day a week.


Please reach out to with inquiries. Thank you!

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